Friday, December 30, 2016

Amoris Laetitia Par. 152

152.  In no way, then, can we consider the erotic dimension of love simply as a permissible evil or a burden to be tolerated for the good of the family.  Rather, it must be seen as gift from God that enriches the relationship of the spouses.  As a passion sublimated by a love respectful and the dignity of the other, it becomes a "pure, unadulterated affirmation" revealing the marvels of which the human heart is capable.  In this way, even momentarily, we can feel that "life has turned out good and happy".154

154 Josef Pieper, Über die Liebe, Munich, 2014, 174.  English: On Love, in Faith, Hope, Love, San Francisco, 1997, p.256.