Monday, February 6, 2017

Amoris Laetitia-Par. 190

190.  There is, however, another side to the coin.  As the word of God tells us, "a man leaves his father and his mother" (Gen 2:24).  This does not always happen, and a marriage is hampered by the failure to make this necessary sacrifice and surrender.  Parents must not be abandoned or ignored, but marriage itself demands that they be "left", so that the new home will be a true hearth, a place of security, hope and future plans, and the couple can truly become "one flesh" (ibid.).  In some marriages, one spouse keeps secrets from the other, confiding them instead to his or her parents.  As a result, the opinions of their parents become more important than the feelings and opinions of their spouse.  This situation cannot go on for long, and even if it takes time, both spouses need to make the effort to grow in trust and communication.  Marriage challenges husbands and wives to find new ways of being sons and daughters.


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