Friday, February 17, 2017

Amoris Laetitia - Par. 201

201.  "This effort calls for missionary conversion by everyone in the Church, that is, one that is not content to proclaim a merely theoretical message without connection to people's real problems".229 Pastoral care for families "needs to make it clear that the Gospel of the family responds to the deepest expectations of the human person:  a response to each one's dignity and fulfilment in reciprocity, communion and fruitfulness.  This consists not merely in presenting a set of rules, but in proposing values that are clearly needed today, even in the most secularized of countries".230  The Synod Fathers also "high-lighted the fact that evangelization needs unambiguously to denounce cultural, social, political and economic factors - such as the excessive importance given to market logic - that prevent authentic family life and lead to discrimination, poverty, exclusion, and violence. Consequently, dialogue and cooperation need to be fostered with societal structures and encouragement given to lay people who are involved, as Christians, in the cultural and socio-political fields".231

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