Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Amoris Laetitia - Par. 289

289.  The work of handing on the faith to children, in the sense of facilitating its expression and growth, helps the whole family in its evangelizing mission.  It naturally begins to spread the faith to all around them, even outside of the family circle.  Children who grew up in missionary families often become missionaries themselves; growing up in warm and friendly families, they learn to relate to the world in this way, without giving up their faith or their convictions.  We know that Jesus himself ate and drank with sinners (cf. Mk 2:16; Mt 11:19), conversed with a Samaritan woman (cf. Jn 4:7-26), received Nicodemus by night (cf. Jn 3:1-21), allowed his fee to be anointed by a prostitute (cf. Lk 7:36-50) and did not hesitate to lay his hands on those who were sick (cf. Mk 1:40-45; 7:33).  The same was true of his apostles, who did not look down on others, cut off from the life of their people.  Although the authorities harassed them, they nonetheless enjoyed the favour "of all the people" (Acts 2:46; cf. 4:21,33; 5:13).