Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Amoris Laetitia - Par. 213

213.  In their preparation for marriage, the couple should be encouraged to make the liturgical celebration a profound personal experience and to appreciate the meaning of each of its signs.  In the case of two baptized persons, the commitment expressed by the words of consent and the bodily union that consummates the marriage can only be seen as signs of the covenantal love and union between the incarnate Son of God and his Church.  In the baptized, words and signs become an eloquent language of faith.  The body, created with a God-given meaning, "becomes the language of the ministers of the sacrament, aware that in the conjugal pact there is expressed and realized the mystery that has its origin in God himself".242

242  John Paul II, Catechesis (27 June 1984), 4: Insegnamenti VII/1 (1984), 1941.


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