Sunday, March 19, 2017

Amoris Laetitia - Par. 231

Casting Light on Crisis, Worries and Difficulties

231.  A word should also be said about those whose love, like a fine wine, has come into its own. Just as a good wine begins to "breathe" with time, so too the daily experience of fidelity gives married life richness and "body".  Fidelity has to do with patience and expectation.  Its joys and sacrifices bear fruit as the years go by and the couple rejoices to see their children's children.  The love present from the beginning becomes more conscious, settled and mature as the couple discover each other anew day after day, year after year.  Saint John of the Cross tells us that "old lovers are tried and true". They "are outwardly no longer afire with powerful emotions and impulses, but now taste the sweetness of the wine of love, well-aged and stored deep within their hearts".235  Such couples have successfully overcome crises and hardships without fleeing from challengers or concealing problems.

253 Cántico Espiritual B, XXV, 11.