Saturday, March 4, 2017

Amoris Laetitia - Par. 216

216.  The couple can also meditate on the biblical readings and the meaningfulness of the rings they will exchange and the others signs that are part of the rite.  Nor would it be good for them to arrive at the wedding without ever having prayed together, one for the other, to seek God's help in remaining faithful and generous, to ask the Lord together what he wants of them, and to consecrate their love before an image of the Virgin Mary.  Those who help prepare them for marriage should help them experience these moments of prayer that can prove so beneficial.  "The marriage liturgy is a unique event, which is both a family and a community celebration.  The first signs of Jesus were performed at the wedding feast of Cana.  The good wine, resulting from the Lord's miracle that brought joy to the beginning of a new family, is the new wine of Christ's covenant with the men and women of every age...  Frequently, the celebrant speaks to a congregation that includes people who seldom participate in the life of the Church, or who are members of other Christian denominations or religious communities.  The occasion thus provides a valuable opportunity to proclaim the Gospel of Christ".247

247 Relatio Finalis 2015, 59.