Sunday, March 26, 2017

Amoris Laetitia - Par. 238

238.  In such situations, some have the maturity needed to reaffirm their choice of the other as their partner on life's journey, despite the limitations of the relationship.  They realistically accept that the other cannot fulfil all their cherished dreams.  Persons like this avoid thinking of themselves as martyrs; they make the most of whatever possibilities family life gives them and they work patiently at strengthening the marriage bond.  They realize, after all, that every crisis can be a new "yes", enabling love to be renewed, deepened and inwardly strengthened.  When crises come, they are unafraid to get to the root of it, to renegotiate basic terms, to achieve a new equilibrium and to move forward together.  With this kind of constant openness they are able to face any number of difficult situations.  In any event, while realizing that reconciliation is a possibility, we also see that "what is urgently needed today is a ministry to care for those whose marital relationship has broken down".256

256 Ibid., 78.